The Toughest Yankee Loss Can Be Erased

Tough losses have been something Yankee fans have been feeling for the past seven years.  Ask a number of Yankee diehards about what
were their toughest recent losses, and you will get a variety of answers.


Some will argue, what could be tougher than losing a
World Series title in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game 7?  Some would
answer that losing an ALCS to their arch rivals– after being up three games to
zero– would head their list. Others would answer losing a World Series in Game
6, after winning a pennant in dramatic fashion, was tough to take. Finally,
others might say, losing an ALDS game due to a swarm of bugs, made them toss and
turn all night long.


To this diehard, the toughest loss in recent times came
on the day the Yankee brass forced Joe Torre out of his job as manager of the
New York Yankees.  For me, Luis Gonzalez’ blooper, the Boston Red Sox ALCS
comeback, a Florida Marlins World Series win, and three-straight ALDS series
defeats, all pale in comparison to the loss the Yankees  suffered when they
failed to realize what they had in Joe Torre.


When the Yankee brass let Joe Torre go, they lost more
than just a great manager. The entire New York Yankee organization lost a well
respected man. The organization lost a very classy man.  The Yankee family lost
a man that represented this team as well as any other Yankee had in the history
of this storied franchise. In short, Mr. Steinbrenner, the Yankees, and their
fans, have lost one of their biggest assets.


While losing Joe Torre is my recent toughest Yankee
loss, it is a bit different from the other losses I listed in my opening. The
reason why it is different than any game loss is because Mr. Steinbrenner and
his sons have an opportunity to turn this loss over.

I’m publicly pleading to the Boss, Mr. Steinbrenner, and
to his sons, to re-think what they have just done. Please, just listen to what
the players, fans, media, and the baseball world are saying.  Right now the
Yankees need a manager, and the best man for the job is Joe Torre.


Mr. Steinbrenner, you have changed your mind many times in
the past. By doing so this time, you will turn a tough loss into a great win.


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