Magic Numbers? I’ll Give You Magic Numbers

Back on May 29th, when the Yankees trailed the first place Boston Red Sox by 14 1/2 games, giddy Red
Sox fans were actually figuring out the team’s magic number to secure the
Eastern Division title. Now that the Yankees are making a historic charge, and
have cut the lead to 1 game in the loss column, Red Sox "Nation" has forgotten
about "magic numbers". As a matter of fact, from what I heard and read today,
Boston had no intention of winning the division.  The spin from Yawkey Way is,
the Sox are really not trying to win games, but instead, they are trying to get
their team ready for the playoffs. Yeah, that makes sense, especially when the
team was running promos calling this a "September to remember".

Red Sox "Nation" has no use for magic numbers anymore, I thought I would carry
their torch and list some "magic numbers" of  my own.

1 4  –  This
was the number of games the Yankees were behind Boston in the loss column on May

46  –  Congratulations to Andy Pettitte who notched his 200
career major league victory against the Baltimore Orioles Wednesday

6   –  When almost everyone was writing the Yankees off,  Joe
Torre stayed calm,  showed confidence in his team, and has guided them to their
best second half  since he became manager in 1996.

20 –  I wrote
about it many times during the years, but I have to say it again.  Jorge Posada
is the irreplaceable Yankee.  The Yankee catcher is having the best year of his
career, and still you hear nothing about him. The Yankees can’t replace him, and
this winter Jorge will finally be rewarded for what he has meant and means to
this team.

13 – He will probably be the MVP of the league once again,
but what really impresses me about Alex Rodriguez is how hard he plays the game.
He has truly been a joy to watch this year, and I hope and pray he carries it
over to the playoffs.

2 – While some players in Boston are sitting
out with "nagging injuries", Derek Jeter continues to play injured (bad knee).
His big homer against Curt Schilling on Sunday night didn’t surprise me one bit.
That’s what Derek has done since opening day of 1996–He’s a big time

42- Don’t insult me or any other Yankee fan comparing anyone
to Mariano Rivera. Every year the "experts" tell us "Mo" is "losing it", and yet
all this guy does is get big outs. How ironic it was that soon after Jonathan
Papalbon gave up a grand slam, Mariano was nailing down another clutch. late
season save for the Yankees.

24,28,36,40, 62, 65 –  Robinson Cano,
Melky Cabrera, Ian Kennedy, Chien-Ming Wang, Phil Hughes, and Joba Chamberlain
all are home grown players that have contributed greatly to this current Yankee
comeback. We were told the Yankee farm system was "bare" but now we know that
was a false report.

1,565 – This number represents the number of  times I’ve
read or heard that the Yankees were "out of it this" year.

1- This is
the number of games the Yankees trail the Boston Red Sox by.

0 – This
number will represent the number of times I will read or hear that the Yankees
are "out of it" tomorrow.

1978 – Shame on anyone who didn’t believe
this could happen again!

The comeback continues at




    What’s the magic number now?


    7 ugly post-season crash and burns in a row for the Yankees!

    Another great post-season for Mr. April, Arod.

    Yankee fans, repeat loudly, in unison “26 Rings!, 26 Rings! 26 Rings!”

    “1978! 1978!”

    Guess what. The Bronx is Burnt –out.

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